New and improved: Push to Kindle 2.0 (Beta) now available to our patrons.

Free delivery to your Kindle over Wi-Fi.

Delivery over Wi-Fi or 3G. Amazon might charge for this!

Kindle users in China. Delivery over Wi-Fi or 3G. Amazon might charge for this!

For Duokan - alternative Kindle software popular in China

Pocketbook users.

Note: You can also manually transfer the MOBI file to your Kindle via USB for free (see the No Kindle? tab below).

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To use this service you will need to:

  1. Enter your Kindle email address in the 'Send to' field
  2. Add the 'Send from' address to your Amazon approved list (or change it to one already in your approved list)

If you need help, we have Detailed Instructions. We will not share these details with anyone else.

If your e-reader does not support email delivery, you can still download our generated files and transfer them over manually.

Download article as:

* No custom title support in PDF output.

We think Push to Kindle is a great tool for making articles on the web more accessible and we're committed to keeping it a free service. But as we grow we need to find ways to covers costs and sustain the project.

If you're able to support us, please consider a sustainer membership.